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    Ok, I have it working almost. I can PalmVNC to my XP Pro machine. No problem. I then try the Mergic VPN and it gives me a error about no server config or NAT blocked error. I have my Linksys wireless router configed with ports 5800-01 and 5900-01 and 1723 forwarded to my XP machine's IP. PPtP Passthru is enabled in the router.

    On the XP machine, I have an incoming connection defined. But oddly the accepted connection type does not list Ethernet or LAN?? It has dial up and infrared and serial.

    What am I doing wrong? Help please. I am so close (I think).
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    I assume you've followed these steps?
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    yep, I did follow them
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    I get the following on Mergic:

    Creating Tunnel...

    ERROR: no server config response, possible firewall or NAT block.

    Can someone let me know what I might be doing wrong? All ports are OPEN within the DMZ capability of my Linksys router. So an open port is likely not the issue. I am thinking that I dont have the XP Incoming Connection config'd correctly.

    Ideas? How is your XP connection configd?
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    What ports are open?

    You need 80 AND 3389
  6. #6 you have an internet firewall running? I had to disable mine. Also, I had to allow remote administration of the computer(right click on "My Computer" then "User Profiles" or "Sharing" and then select "share this desktop" or some feature like that.

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