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    We've only had our 600s for a couple of days, and so far working well as advertised. The only thing I've installed so far is SnapperMail (which I would guess I would need to purchase twice, once for each phone? )

    At this point, besides one phone having the beta of Snapper, the phones are identical (well, mine has a couple extra contact items).

    If you have more than one 600 in your home, how do you tell them apart? Changes to the color style is lame (the background colors all look horrid, and I'm not going to remember that her text is red while mine is blue if we keep the white background). I added a pic to my phone screen, but that replaced the dialing pad.

    Is there no customization of "wallpaper" that would affect the phone/application launcher screen?

    At this point, we are using the default cases, as I'm researching which are best. Ideally, we would pick different cases, or she would get a case while I got something like EGrips for example (haven't researched it completely, just throwing names out there). In theory, my contact list is just hers beamed over (wow that was fast) but once we get our mail apps set up to send/receive our Pop3, it would be bad to have the wrong phone. That, and calling voicemail every time we wanted our spouse when our phones were switched...
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    i think customizing the wallpaper is the good idea but seems it does not work well in your case. i usually customize my other phones (non-smartphone kind) thus even thought my friends have the same brand / model of my phone, we won't mess them up. how sure about your age and jobs. if you two are a young couples, you could take some sticker pictures and stick on the back of ur phone :P
    may be it sounds too childish. hee hee..
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    you could get dfferent lanuchers such as silver screen there are loads just do a search on
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    Get e-grips for one phone or different colors.
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    FWIW, we use StuffBak to label lots of stuff (see, and I have applied the labels to the back of our 2 T600s in different locations. In general, our 2 Treos are in slightly different locations, except when HotSyncing.
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    That is what I did with mine and my wifes. She does have an SD card - I do. You can see the blue SD card on the top of the phone which makes it easy to distinguish without having to power up the phone.
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    Although admittedly its primary purpose is for security (which you may also require), you might consider OnlyMe which provides for a background picture as part of your login screen!
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    My wife solved this issue quite easily. Her treo is the one that looks like it has been dropped a dozen times. My treo looks like it has been living in cotton woll for the last 6 months
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    I always put a label on the back of my more valuable electronic devices that says something to the effect of: "if found, return to John Doe at (212) 555-1212.

    The Stuffback labels are the same concept, with better anonimity.
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    John Doe must be very happy with you then. He gets all of your valuable electronics.

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