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    Ok - this is a more hypothetical quesiton then anything - and I don't believe it fits anywhere except for here as it's deals directly with the T600 / TAce's abillity to use Bluetooth.

    Now, obviously, the T600 can't quite do bluetooth yet, and even if someone is successful in coding the driver, it's questionable as to how successful they will be in coding the driver and what it can do.

    The question (after that really loopy intro) is do you think that bluetooth will be able to use both a GPS and audio capibillites at the same time? I was intrested in the Sedio car kit for the longest time (still am) and I know that it uses a wired GPS reciever. Well, BT would be great, and doing everything "wirelessly" would be wonderful - but if GPS and Audio won't work together nicely, something will have to be wired...

    Any thoughts?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $you$ $can$ $pair$ $multiple$ $devices$ $simutaneously$ $via$ $BT$...$at$ $least$ $its$ $possible$ $on$ $the$ $T3$ $that$ $is$, $so$ $I$ $assume$ $it$ $will$ $be$ $possible$ $on$ $the$ $Ace$...
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