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    I saw that a customized battery warning feature is being worked on for profeolite, but is anything else available in the meantime? Thanks.
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    yeah its so stupid that i turn off the screen to preserve battery life but then that stupid warning comes on which turns the screen back on
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    the app you are talking about has already been made
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    Quote Originally Posted by PRANKSTAR
    the app you are talking about has already been made
    are you saying there is a way in profeo to turn off the battery warning? i don't see one.
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    "bueler, anyone, bueler?" (bump.)

    i've got to believe there is a way to do this????
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    After 10 warnings or will turn off. Really. Try it.


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    It would be great to be able to turn the warning off. I'm using Bob's Alarm and it tells me exactly how much voltage and percentage left - I've taken it down to 1% with no problems ... meanwhile, the standard treo battery warning has bothered me at least 100 times by then!!
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    Well, I guess I'm at least glad to learn that others are as bothered by this as I am. Perhaps the powers that be will hear us and realize that we Treo users are big boys & girls and don't need to be babysat with a dozen battery warnings.
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    Hey, sorry for being late to answer this question.
    At the moment there is no way to turn off the battery warning in Profeo Lite. However, I just released a new version of Profeo SystemAlarms, in which you can trap the low battery warning into an Attention Manager alarm. Currently, it just does that - traps it - instead of the warning it uses the attention manager every time when PalmOS decides to display the warning.

    I may extend the program, to actualy allow the alarm to be acknowledged, so that it is displayed only once. Or I may completely disable the low battery warning and let you use the Profeo SA battery alarms at much lower battery levels (2%, 5%, 10%).

    Please test it and tell me what you think It is available in the downloads section of
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    Nachon, thanks for the reply and I appreciate all the work you've put into profeo. My primary use for the program is to conserve battery power by setting to dim the screen's default brightness (and then hitting option P for when I want it brighter).

    I think adding some type of manual control of battery warnings to profeo would be a great additon.
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