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    Not long ago I installed WebViewer along with MidletQ on my T600. All of a sudden when I would try to launch either app, my T600 reboots. I was advised to delete both apps out of my T600 and so I did.
    I traded in my old reg. key for a new one, but now I need to do the entire process all over again, and I can't remember how.

    Can anyone direct me to explicit instuctions on how to install WebViewer and whatever else I need to run this program? My husband did it the first time and he doesn't remember what to do.
    I would GREATLY appreciate it if someone can give me or direct me to step by step instructions. I use T-Mobile with my T600.
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    First, you need to reinstall Java for your Treo: ...and then reinstall WebViewer. That's it.
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