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    I know I saw a link somewhere on this site but lost it ....
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    CompUSA does carry some accessories. You might check the website.
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    Your best bet (I live in Flower Mound) is still gonna be online shopping. The stuff they have at CompUSA is just very small amounts - maybe the three pack stylus, maybe a cradle. If you cruise over the Dan's Cellular Accessories in eBay, you'll save TONS of money. I was initially leery of shopping for Treo600 stuff on eBay, but - the Dan's dude has the SAME stuff as you might find at CompUSA, but way cheaper.
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    We carry all the Treo 600 accessories. All of them are in stock. We're in North Dallas.

    Main site:

    Address & driving directions:

    (Please call for a time to make sure we're here. Normally we're here from noon-6pm).

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    Larry !

    Your the guy I was looking for!

    Work down near you ... will drop buy

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