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    Which holster with the Treo 600 in it doesn't show under a business suit jacket or coat? Thanks in advance,

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    I use the I-Volution from Works great for me.
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    One of the major advatages of the treo 600 in my view is that it fits perfectly in the front upper pocket of a suit.
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    I'm rarely wearing a jacket (mostly just shirt and tie) but being up and down all day I really have to have a horizontal case for my phone. The Covertec works great and gets lots of compliments on its appearance.

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    when I break out the suit and/or slacks, I go with the ProClips holster. I'm not huge on cases, since I like the naked feel (careful there) of the phone. Having the holster allows both belt mode and naked mode. I've had some cases for the 600 (before the Seidio and ProClips holsters were out). They did the job, but my personal preference is to be able to have the phone in its pristine state. Everyone's tastes are different.
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    I use the PalmOne horizontal case -works fine with shirt/tie or suit, IMO. It also can be clipped to sweats for when I ride my bike & listen to music. I haven't felt the need for anything more complex.
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    I currently use a holster from Belkin. But I've had several other cases and they all cause a bulge on the side of your hip. It was driving my tailor crazy with the bulge on the side of all of my jackets. He finally gave in and let out all of my jackets (for free!) just a little bit on the side so the jackets would lay flat with the phone on!

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