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    Hey all, I bought my Treo through TreoCentral's store and like you guys, I'm getting the "Network Search" dropped calls. It's also freezing sometimes when I'm on a call.

    Anyways, I'm wondering if I take it to a Sprint store, if they'll give me grief for not buying it directly through a Sprint store.

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    I don't think they'll give you grief. I purchased mine directly from Handspring, and they didn't even ask when I had my replaced not too long ago.
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    should not matter if you have got insurance
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    Dosen't matter i had two units exchanged through my local sprint store
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    Treo Central will also replace your Sprint treo 600 for network problems
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    I bought mine from handspring directly. Had no problem with exchanging it in Sprint store , ( not counting the fact I I had to change it also.... Currently on 3rd Treo )

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