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    Has anyone been able to make this work? I've got the BT07 dongle but maybe I don't have the right cable. It only came with a 2.5mm Motorola (3 sections).
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    It doesn't work with the Treo 270. I have tried everything including calling the company.
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    It will work with the three ring cable that is available (i think it is type 3).
    Only strange thing is that the Treo with the BT07 dongle and the bluetrek start off ok.
    You can speak and hear perfectly but then after 20-40 seconds the connection is lost in some way: the treo does not seem to see the dongle correctly anymore. Turning the connector in the Treo around and pulling it back and forth does not solve the problem.

    It worked ok on my 180 so i'm wondering is it is a internal Treo 270 pin-receiver problem?

    Does anyone have better experience or the same experience.
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    What you described is exactly what has happened to me when I tried to BT07 dongle and the bluetrek. It works initially and then it cuts off.
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    Hi pommie65,

    With your Treo180 were you able to answer and end calls using the buttons on your Bluetrek? If so, what profile and how did yon get it to work?

    Thanks for any tips you can give me!
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    you have to use profile #1 in order for it to work properly, only thing with the treo is you loose the ability to pick up and hang up from the headset, if you chose profile #3 you will be able to answer from the headset but then its unstable, this is what causes the hangups and the bad reception

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