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    I have Sandman downloaded on my treo and at first it worked fine but lately its been giving me some problems. I have it assigned to the power/keylock button and when I'm on an active call and I press that button the screen with turn off and keep the phone call active like its supposed to do but after maybe a half a second to a second the screen will turn back on and stay on and if I try to use sandman again it will do everything again. I have tried to go into the apps menu and run it directly from there also but I'm getting the same results. Any insights or maybe I'm doing something wrong

    Any help would be appreciated
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    You aren't doing a thing wrong... other than having done the 1.2 update. Last I heard it no longer worked after that. I don't know if they are going to fix that or what, but here's to hoping.
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    Yeah, it really doesn't work since the update.

    Use "Phone Guard" instead. Does the same thing and it works great.
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    you can also look for "fakecarkit.prc" that should help
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    mine didn't work initially after the update, but now it does. i think i redownloaded it. i also have fakecarkit.prc installed.
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