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    for the last couple months i have been using Zlauncher 4.0...

    then when i upgraded to 4.1, i had two problems.... when i went to SMS>Properties... RESET... and when i went to Directory Assistance.... RESET...

    I performed a hard reset and loaded each individual program one by one... and low and behold 4.1 is the cause... i load up 4.0 and all is good again..

    then i see that 4.2 is released and switch over... now the SMS problem is no longer there, but, DA still resets EVERY time.
    THis is the error message i get...

    A crash occured.... while running "Dir Assist":
    "MemoryMgr.c, Line:3635, NULL handle"

    Anyone else had these issues?
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    Nope, using 4.1 having neither problem.
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    I had a lot of reset problems with 4.1 which I couldn't understand. Another treocentral thread suggested that this could be resolved by changing the "fast find" settings in the general options tab , and it definitely cleared up the resets.
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    I had that problem too...I deleted and reinstalled DA and it worked fine.

    You might have to use FileZ and make sure you delete all the files associated with those applications.

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