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    I am looking for a stopwatch on my Treo that takes advantage of the Treo keyboard. During sports I don't want to have to look at the screen, just pressing a button on the keyboard should stop/start the time. Another button for intervals.

    I am not at all interested in some clock-application that features all the possible clock features: time, worldtime, timezones, alarm, calendar and so on. Just a stopwatch would do, thank you.

    It would be splendid if I could export the data from the stopwatch in ASCII in some way (to have fun with in a spreadsheet). In fact, I would appreciate it if the focus of the app would lie in clocking time as a stopwatch and exporting it, preferably presenting aggregated data graphically.
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    Quote Originally Posted by centrallaw
    Only one hardware button is assigned, for the laps A good start, but is there anything better? Something not specifically for auto racing?

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