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    I have a lot IBPlug files on my Treo, I don't know where the came from, but I know they are no older then 6 months. Any idea?
    I think the IB is "IntelliBooger", is this some Palm OS data base?
    TIA, Matt
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    uhm. didlebug plugins? or maybe that other app like diddle bug.
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    There is like plugins for almost all apps, if it's for Diddlebug, which I have, what's the deal?
    I guess I go look at their site tommorrow. I can't even remember where I got it from. It was either a promo from PA1M One, or something.

    Do you have DiddleBug Felipe?
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    What kinda name's IntelliBooger!
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    i have diddlebug, but dont use it much
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    Intellibooger is a method Diddlebug uses for transfering text to other programs (just "pick n flick"). There is a seperate IB pluggin for each program that you want as a destination ... so it would be very easy to load up on them. They are visible if you run FileZ or the like.

    Someone somewhere must have requested each one of these from the developer. The only ones I used were for Hi-Note. It was cool being able to send screen captures into the program.

    Have you installed Snappermail? I believe Diddlebug is shipped as part of the install.
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    Yes, Diddlebug and all it's plug-ins comes with Snappermail, as well as HandZipper Lite, PrintBoy, and JpegWatch Lite.
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    OK, now I know were it came from. What is PrintBoy, I don'thave that one to my knowlege and I have snapper mail too.
    So know I get it, with "pick n flick", the intellibooger name makes more sence, as does the bazzilion plugins

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