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    I bought a SanDisk 128MB SD card for my Treo 600, on the hope that I could store .pdb and .prc files on it. I've formatted the card, and it's there, but when I sync and try to install the new files I want, it doesn't seem to use it. How can I make it default to the card when the regular memory is full? Or how can I install to the card (the install tool either doesn't recognize the card or won't let me write to the card). Please help soon, so I can still take the card back if for some reason I can't do this.

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    I don't know what the problem is, but the Palm Instal tool should give you the option of installing apps/ files directly to the card...

    However, I recommend you use various memory managers like PowerRUN, TealAgent, Zlauncher, etc instead to move apps to the card as they allow you greater flexibilty in organizing your application launcher...
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