error: PPP timeout (0 x 1231)

I got the above message last night after uninstalling Beyond Contacts. Called Sprint support today and person said there was no listing for the error. Person suggested reset and of course I tried that already. Right before she reprovisioned my vision services(which takes 4 to 6 hours to activate) I tried another reset and the unit kept trying to restart. Like in a contiuous loop. I held down the button next to the antenna, out of frustration, until I stubbled across a message asking me if I want to erase all the data on my unit. I said yes and walah! The unit reset back to the configuration that it came with. Then I went to reinstall my info from my computer backup/profile and the profile I was using was corrupt or something because it was causing the loop thing again. So I created a new profile and it's all good now. I hope this will help someone else having the same issues.