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    Sorry, I couldn't think of any other way to phrase this. Here's the deal. With my Treo 300, I had it set to start DateBK5 when I opened the lid. That way, I ALWAYS saw my "to do" list first. If I had was bored and opened it to play a game (I'm hooked on Picture Logic, have been for years), I would see all the things I was SUPPOSED to be doing instead, staring me in the face. Frequently, I would actually do them.

    Now though, I hit the POWER button to turn on the screen, and may go days without seeing my To Do list. I even reset the power button so it started DateBK5 instead, but then I couldn't turn the screen off.

    What I'm looking for is a program that will "intercept" any time the screen is turned on, and run whatever I've selected (in this case DateBK5) instead. Make sense? Any suggestions?

    Guess I should have mentioned, I have a Treo 600.
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    try the Today application - it is free and does more or less what you want it to. search on palmgear for Today

    edit here is the link
    Did you use Profeo today ?
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    Check out Facer Pro from It has a "today" screen which can show your appointments and your to-do list. IIRC, you can set it to return to the Today screen after leaving an application (pressing the Home button) or after a user defined amount of time. They are working on a T600 specific version which you can get by checking out their forums at
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    Forget Today, 2Day will be in public beta VERY soon. It will do it all and then some.
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    how soon? today, facer and wassup don't cut the mustard......
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    Quote Originally Posted by experiment626
    Forget Today, 2Day will be in public beta VERY soon. It will do it all and then some.
    Seems like you've been saying this forever. I wish whoever it is would get a move on!

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    agreed candidly
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    wish I could share it now with you all.
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    How about now?
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    Shimon of Takephone fame needs to make the release decision. Bug him.
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    well, you're doing all the talking, so we'll bug you!
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    The security program Teal Lock has a configuration setting that allows the user to specify the program it hands off to once the security screen has been cleared. I have my security set to 15 minutes of inactivity and after the password is entered, it opens up HanDBase. Ben

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