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    Is it true that after the 1.2 update (Sprint) I will have to abandon Sandman for something like TreoGuard in order to turn off my screen during calls? I think I've read some inconsistent posts on this issue regarding Sandman not working at all after update, whether it work after re-installing the prc, whether it continues to work if you restore from card backup instead of a sync, etc..

    I'm just wondering what to expect before updating this weekend--now that I finally have time.

    $9 really isn't too much for the "screen-off during calls" functionality (and then some with TreoGuard), but I've kind of grown accustomed to Sandman at this point and I'd prefer to keep it if I could.

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    Im also interested in knowing what to do with my sleeping Sandman
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    treoguard is 20 times better than sandman. I didn't think people still used it anyway. if u can't handle 9 bucks there are other ways but that price is well deserved so anti up cuz treoguard is so worth it.
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    Sandman works after the upgrade if you install Treoguard and then Sandman. Treoguard will install Fakecarkit.prc. Then you remove treoguard leaving the fakecarkit behind and it should work fine.
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    I also used to use Sandman, but it stopped working after the upgrade. The upgrade installs phone-car-kit capabilities into the ROM, which interferes with how Sandman works. You need a tiny app called fakecarkit.prc, which tricks the ROM into ignoring the car kit function so Sandman and the like can work properly.

    However, I must agree that Treogaurd is 10x better than Sandman, and well worth the $9. The biggest reason is that it wil *automatically* turn off the screen during a call, so that I don't have to remember to manually do this myself with Sandman. The battery life savings of this has been tremendous, since lighting the screen will always be the biggest battery drain on any PDA.

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