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    Can anyone think of any reason to keep these apps on their Treo? I bought both of them a while ago, but with Sprint SMS now working and Butler, they might be obsolete.
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    i no longer use treo600sms and have deleted it now that the sprint sms is working - plus, it didn't work as well after the many firmware updates
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    Yep, I got rid of them both too.

    I now use the built in SMS application along with Butler.
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    I still use the Treo600sms becasue without using an outside server or relay (the Treo600sms uses Vision to send it to the PDAapps server I think), the SMS to the ones don't work 75% of the time. At least in Austin, Texas.

    I tested this a couple months ago and just did it again.

    So I will still keep mine enabled untill the native one works 100%, like the Treo600sms one does.

    Just my 2-cents, Matt

    BTW, now that Tree-O Bulter is more robust, I will try it again for the Alert portion. I have always used Butler from day one, but mostly for the KLaunch and Voicemail alert

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