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    I registered this early on and now wish I hadnt.

    Was one of the first to provide soundrecording but of couse soundrec does that now for free.

    Frequetly creates duplciate memos

    Im getting resets everytime I start the program now!

    Looks like from their web site that they have dropped the product.

    I wouldnt be rushing back to pay them for any other products
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    soundrec is sweet
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    I've been using it with no problems, although I don't use it often. Anyone else had problems?
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    Actually, if you go to, its still there.
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    Ah, no its not. You were right.
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    I also have some problems with easynotes.
    After long waiting, 1.5 finally released.
    I'm still trying, but I think they fix most of the problems
    And voice note now can save to SD card with volume control.
    I download from Handago, Palmgear's link look like old version still.
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    Yep, I too am a registered user of 'un'EasyNotes. Until Binary Software sort out the UI and add 5-way support, it will remain useless. Unfortunately, the PalmGear link to the new version points to the old verson
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    Easynotes looks like a neat way to tie into one program the memopad, sketcher, and voice recording functions I now use in separate programs. However, this thread gives me pause about whether I should purchase Easynotes. Have been using the trial version with no problems, but wondered whether other long-termr users have had any problems with it?
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    It looks so nice, but like you, treofan, I'm hesitant to spend $15 on a product that has more complaints than compliments.
    Anyone else trying/using easynotes?

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