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    I used the 3.05 FW upgrade one week after buying the unit and haven't experience any problems....yet. I use both Rogers (voice) and Fido (data).
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    Hmm... It isn't listed on the PalmOne site yet at
    Is this Rogers updater the real thing? The file is called
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    Now PalmeOne has the Rogers updater.
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    man?!?!...last night i just updates to the international version...
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    im assuming i can install the rogers one over the the international one eh
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    After I did the Rogers Update it deleted all my custom categories from Tasks, Memos and Address Book. Why? I hate that... Anyone else have that problem?
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    when i did the int ugrade yesterdy it deleted my Java plugin
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    How did you install the Rogers update? (Since they were not kind enough to provide any instrucstions with it.) Did you have any other issues other than the ones mentioned above? I want to install it ASAP but I would like to hear more from the fearless upgraders who have already done it for Rogers.
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    I have a treo GSM purchased unlocked from the US, it was branded cingular. I now have a treo that has a Rogers Sim in it and uses exclusevly Rogers network but on the upgrade it told me my treo upgrade was not compatible with my model... arrrgghhh should I try the cingular upgrade ? I always thought these things were network specific. Is this correct ?
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    I just got some answers here:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(2696)
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    i was about to use the Rogers update. The instructions are posted in the install file. Once you double click, the installer has all the instructions. When I read that it would delete all my files and then hot sync and restore them, i knew there would be problems with regards to Preference settings etc etc. I decided that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I won't update.
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    I updated. The sound recording ability is worth it alone. I did restore everything, found nothing had changed in prefs., but opted to revert to a clean slate.
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    did you feel any major differences? anything that makes you feel like "WOW! i am sure glad i updated! this is almost a brand new phone!" hahah probably not. so, i'll only update if i have to hard reset the phone.

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