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    I know I'm going to be slammed for not doing a search first--but I did! I just couldn't find the answer to this question:

    SD cards seem like a great idea in some vague way--an extra 500 megs or gig of memory, but what are their best uses, and what are their limitations?

    Oh, I can in principle store my entire treo backup there. I guess that's pretty good, although I've hardly ever had to hard reset.

    Anyway, thanks in advance, and sorry in advance.
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    You can store pictures, email (snappermail), backups, programs will run from the card.

    So if you are pushing your memory limit on your device, this can help you out.
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    This is also the utility for one handed navigation. :-)

    Actually, in all seriousness, I keep an audio book from audible, around 386mb of MP3s and still have room to backup my entire Treo.
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    In addition...

    - music
    - movies
    - voice recordings
    - video recordings
    - documents
    - video game ROMs
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    Not to mention Bluetooth and WiFi. Opps. I forgot. No Palm drivers.

    Hey, didn't they say that it was and SD"IO" port? ;-)
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    Two quick elaborations on things folks have mentioned:
    1) Backups - you can use a program like BackupMan to back your files up to an SD Card; then if your Treo goes belly up and you need a brand new one, pop your SD card in, and it pulls things back into memory and viola! it's just like it was
    2) You can move many exiting programs and databases to the SD card (using the default launcher or an add-on like LauncherX or ZLauncher) to free up main memory, which gives you more flexibility in terms of things that HAVE to run in main memory (like real-time video recording, or Handspring Mail email databases, etc.)

    Can't live without one!

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