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    does anyone know of a new/update version of SMS spoof ( that can use the Treo600's built-in wireless, rather than IR link to a GSM phone with a built-in modem.

    Anyone had any experience in using this app? It seems quite old..

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    Quote Originally Posted by domz76

    does anyone know of a new/update version of SMS spoof

    It seems quite old..


    when using a T600 GSM you could give the fresh " maxTEXT TE Treo 600 i "
    a try

    which is included in the maxTEXT TE (= Treo Edition ) V 1.79
    now allows sharing / handover of messages with the standard app, does 5-way-nav

    and is quite new.

    Regards Markus
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    That's a good question! "maxTEXT TE" has absolutely nothing to do with sms spoofing...and "SmsSpoof" won't work on the Treo unless someone updates the source code... this shouldn't be too difficult for someone with palm programming knowledge.

    If someone is able to get "SMSSpoof" to work on the Treo, then please tell us how.

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    There used to be an SMS spoof website, well it wasn't labeled SMS spoof, it was just a site you could go to and put in your own number, and the recipients number. It is not longer up as far as I know.

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