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    I've just purchased a treo 600 and am looking for some direction on the most reliable, user-friendly email application to have my email forwarded from my main account to my 600. Also, is there a way for all "sent" emails to display my mainframe email address info, as opposed to the TREO 600 account.
    To: John Doe
    From Ed

    even though I sent it via my Treo. May thanks for your help.

    Ed Wagenseller
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    Why would you need it to forward? You can just have your Treo check the emails and leave them on the server (unless of course your mainframe checks constantly and pulls them off).
    If you set it up as a POP3 account, you can send and receive your roadrunner email, using your roadrunner email address and name displayed as you would off of your regular computer. You can use just about any email program, including the mail program that comes with all GSM Treos and version 1.20 updated Sprint treos.
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    Thanks, that helps! Kinda new, kinda ignorant.

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    I have and really like Snappermail for my home pop3 server.

    I just loaded a trial version of "Inbox to Go Wireless" ( for my work Microsoft Exchange client and based on 5 minutes of use it seems to work OK.
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    on this same email topic, I just updated and I can't get my T600 to send to anybody but myself?
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    Can you give us some more details on what is happening?

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