Hi there,

does anyone know if there is a 'DECENT' SMS software to use in the treo? the in-built one is very inadequate...

(as a former Nokia user) I find much missing functionality, such as being able to send contact details as SMS, i.e. sending as a business card (not just your own default) without going through the tedious procedure of ...phone/contact/open contact/find number/copy number/open SMS app/new/paste number etc... rather than just lookup/contact from within SMS composer page.

And another thing... why is there no option to save a draft sms? only the option to send or delete?

Why can you not send plain text from another app as SMS, e.g. from memo pad, only as MMS or email (menu/send memo/mms/email)

Does anyone know of a decent replacement, or mod for this dissapointing SMS feature...?