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    I'm on my third Sprint T600. All eventually got the network search bug. I'm hoping to get around it by switching to GSM if those phones don't have the bug. That's a mixed blessing, though. Here in NYC, AT&T GSM is nearly useless, as you get no penetration. Are Cingular or T-Mobile any better?

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    In answer to your thread title question, yes I believe it is only on Sprint. Of all the threads I have read in regards to that problem, they have all been Sprint. I use Cingular and I have good signal strength (I am in Texas though). While I vacationed in NYC I had no problems but long term I don't know.
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    That's such a weird bug, since it seems like the vast majority of us Sprint Treo users never have the problem, but those that do tend to have it more than once. (on multiple devices)
    I wouldn't switch if I was you, give it another shot. (another Treo)
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    yeah well I'm on replacement number 8 & still have the network search problem. True the "vast majority" of Sprint users may not experience this problem. But if take 99% of say 500,000 (number is actually bigger I think) Treos sold so far that do not experience this problem, that miniscule 1% may seem small in the big picture. But tell that to those in the 1%- 5000 people! Just trying to help you to realize that whatever this "minority" is (who really knows), it's still a large number to us! Thank you for your time.
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    Never had this "network search" bug. Hardware B, software 1.20. And i'm on Sprint (CDMA).

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