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    I have the same problem. When I first got my ITrek GPS it would start blinking(locked on) pretty quickly. Now I have it about 3 months and it takes very long to start blinking. 5-10 minutes. This is annoying.
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    If you connect the GPS receiver without being connected to the Treo, does it still stay on solid red? Try this experiment:

    Starting with the GPS unit disconnected and it being clear of obstacles with the treo not connected to anything, plug it in. See how long it takes (if ever) for the light to start blinking.
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    Quick question for all you Mapopolis users... who actually makes the GPS? Is is Semsons or are they just a distributor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrism
    Quick question for all you Mapopolis users... who actually makes the GPS? Is is Semsons or are they just a distributor.

    They are the distributor. Haicom or iTrek are the makers of the GPS hardware and Mapopolis is the maker of the software (maps).
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    Can anyone tell me if there is any preferred mouse receiver? Cirocomm or itrek or whatever?
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    Thanks everyone for this great thread! I don't currently own the Treo, but I'm strongly considering it (time to upgrade my palm from the current VIII xe !!). The only decision is do I want a seperate PDA that would give me a larger display. Along that line, can someone post a sharp picture of the Treo in action (with Mapopolis actually doing it's thing)?

    I also have a question similar to one asked earlier, but I didn't see the answer.

    As a real estate agent I would like to be able to plan a "tour agenda" for showing homes to my clients. Basically, I will have a list of homes to visit, and I want to enter the addresses and have Mapopolis give me directions from one to the next, in the most efficient/logical order.

    Is this (or anything similar) possible?

    Even without this capability, I can hardly wait to get my hands on one of these!
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    You can not tell Mapopolis to go to more than one destination at a time. However, if you find your destinations in advance, it will remember the last ones (I don't know how many - probably 8 or 10) so you can easily select them from a pop-up list in the navigation form. As for a picture of the Treo 600 running Mapopolis, it looks a lot like the picture of the Zire 71 on the Mapopolis site.

    The interface leaves a lot to be desired especially because the directions pane takes up so much of the total screen. You can easily toggle off the directions pane with the center button (and rely on voice directions) but the information it contains is important and you get used to only being able to see a miniscule part of the map. The 3D view is not usable on low-res devices like the Treo 600. All this being said, I love Mapopolis on my Treo and rely on it. I sometimes even use it when I know where I'm going just for the entertainment value and for knowing where I am and how much longer to my destination. The important thing is that it gets you where you want to go. One caveat is that if you expect to get a lot of calls on your Treo while you are using it for Mapopolis, things might get too complicated. While Mapopolis will usually pick up and continue navigating when you finish your call, you will find yourself unable to navigate during the call. Depending on where you are, this could be a problem. For this reason, you may consider getting a separate hi-res device.
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    with the new upgrade of Mapopolis I installed Software and Maps on my 512 MB SD Card. Now it takes much longer than before to start the application and to search Adresses and so on. But that`s okay with me. But it is no longer possible to use it as Navigation System, since after I chose locations and order to create the route it simply shows the Map of the starting location and then the Treo freezes.

    What the heck can I do??

    thanks to all,
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    Quote Originally Posted by matti

    What the heck can I do??
    I assume you have followed the directions and have the maps in the /Maps directory of your SD card. If you have a large number of maps there try reducing the number to the ones you will actually use on a particular trip. Try to generate a really simple route just to see if it will work. Make sure you have maps that are contiguous for the entire route. Also, even though the maps can stay on the SD card, you still need free RAM to operate Mapopolis. <3 MB free gets dicey. Finally, try turning off 'hacks' like ClipPro and control panel utilities and auto-email delivery.
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    Seidio G2500 GPS-in-the-box for Treo 600 (CDMA version only)


    Now you can get everything you need for your GPS application in one box. The G2500 GPS-in-the-box includes everything you will need to setup/start your GPS application. Included is an easy-to-read, step-by-step manual which will guide you through your setup and start your GPS system.


    Seidio G2500 Car Kit - Listen to GPS commands or audio books through the built-in amplified speaker. The G2500 Car Kit is also used as a hands-free speakerphone while driving.
    Seidio SGR-300 wired receiver Based on an improved version of the SIRF Star Chipset. The receiver can be plugged into the G2500 Car Kit without having to plug in any additional cables.
    Mapopolis Navigation software Using this software, you will be able to generate door-to-door driving directions, add personal or business locations, reroute automatically if you miss a turn, and more.

    The combination of the Seidio G2500 Car Kit, Seidio SGR-300 wired receiver and Mapopolis Navigation software offers and ensures the best performance for your GPS application.

    What is in the box:

    Seidio 2-in-1 GPS-ready car kit
    Seidio SGR-300 wired receiver
    Mapopolis Navigation software
    Step-by-step manual

    For more information about this product, please visit:
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    I am wanting to get it for my treo too. This site gives a vent holder for your treo or you can buy a mount for your window.
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    Hi Kouma,

    The car kit included in this Seidio package also comes with the following mounting solutions.

    1) Windshield gooseneck mounting
    2) Air vent mounting
    3) Dash/console mounting
    4) Swivel adaptor

    You can select the mounting solution based on your preference and car interior after you receive the package. The car kit can also hold and charge your Treo while Treo is in the cradle. It comes with a built-in speaker and also serve as a handsfree speakphone while driving.

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    DeLorme has a new edition of Street Atlas (2005) for Handhelds (PPC & PalmOS). I am wondering is anyone out there has any experience trying it out on a Treo 600. If so, your comments would be appreciated. The DeLorme software is a lot cheaper than Mapopolis, but I'm trying to find out if it's any good on the 600.

    Also, if you used the software with a GPS receiver on the 600, what brand receiver did you use, and how well did it function?

    Below is the link for the DeLorme site, if anyone is interested.
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    One more question:

    Does Seidio produce a cable for its car mounts (particularly the 2500) that allows you to use the DeLorme brand wired GPS with a Treo 600 through the car mount? (I believe that the DeLorme GPS connects through a USB cable).
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    Yes, we will have the adaptor cable for using with DeLorme receiver in about 7 to 10 days. We will keep you informed.

    Thank you for your interests.

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    Ok, I just bought the itrek with mapoplis. It will not allow me to receive a call while gps is on. Do you hve to use hands free for it to work? It also stopped working. When you turn it on it says you have it set to stay on for an hour and locks up. The only way around it is to do a soft boot. For the little time I liked it, but when driving home the map had me pass my street and take the next street only to be directed back onto my street. Any one have a problem getting calls or locking up the phone?
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    Tok, the delorme site sends you to a vender that has a cable for it to work. I love delorme on my laptop and just bought mapoplis software and was not impressed. I am going to try delorme 2005 and see how it works.
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    Hi Kouma,

    The cable you are going to get from the vendor will not work with our mount. Seidio mount has RJ-11 connector on it. Our adaptor cable allows you to convert from USB (on delorme) to RJ-11 (on Seidio mount). Seidio receiver (SGR-300) works well with Mapoplis as well as Seidio GPS car kit.

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    Has anyone had any experience with the Seidio kit? Are any of these options good enough to buy? Seems like not folks are happy with their GPS choice.
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    I just bought the Seidio G2500 kit. It was a little more expensive than the iTrek/Mapopolis combo, but I think it was well worth it. It came with every attachment option, I can mount a different one in each vehicle and swap the unit. It works really well, locks on fast. It has everything I was looking for, speakerphone with audio out for playing MP3's through my car stereo, or the phone conversation. It has an external mic jack to mount an external mic (which it came with) up on the sunvisor of my car. It charges the phone, and the GPS just plugs right in the unit, and you don't need a seperate power cord for the GPS. The only thing I would say was a negative about the entire purchase was that the Mapopolis software needed to be downloaded from Mapopolis. They give you a one-year membership to the site, to download all the maps in N.A., but it took me hours to download all of N.A., and I have a high-speed connection. I believe that both Canada and US maps came out to nearly 2GB of data. It would be nice if they just threw in a couple CD's or one DVD with all the maps on a disc and threw it in the box the unit was mailed in.

    My 2 cents.

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