I like to track a few stocks and I have not found a decent site to display stock info formatted for a mobile screen. I wrote a quick script to fetch stock info for me. It has links to charts if you choose the detailed view, but I usually just use the compact view to get a quick update.

What I do is just bookmark the results page, that way I don't have to keep going back to the front page and entering the ticker symbols again.

I'm still testing it out, seems to be working fairly well so far. Feel free to test it out and provide some feedback: http://heller.ca/stocks.html

Is it useful? If not, why not? Anything missing from the display? Other suggestions? I can likely make some changes to make this work better. I like the idea of a web based app since any changes are instantly updated for everyone, no need to download and install new software. With stocks, you have to access the internet anyway to get the updated info, so why not just have the display on the web as well? HTML also allows any OS / browser to access it. Let me know if you have any comments.