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    does anyone know of an app/setting to prevent the switch to the default launcher's card view when inserting an SD into the slot?

    I hate it when I'm in an app and need to re-insert the card or something and it takes me out of the app and back to the launcher...

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    ssssswwwwwweeeeeeeettttttttt thanks man...i hate the launcher thingie
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    this is such a good app just what i have been looking for thanks
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    does it work for you? i have launch this and have 'disable app switch...' checked but if I eject and reinsert my card, it takes me back to launcher x
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    yes it works for me - I'm using facer 2.0 for treo600 - may be a launcher x setting... the card insert normally brought me back to the Palm launcher not facer.
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    excellent app...i installed it last night, and im happy now that the stupid SD/MMC screen doesnt come up automatically now
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    Install app, but still pops up randomly.

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