I'm in need of some help on this one. About a week ago I began using the Treohelper/Snappermail psuedo e-mail push trick. My version goes like this. My email provider is Fastmail. I have Fastmail set up to forward copies of all messages to my Sprint PCS email account, and I have the Sprint account set up to send my Treo an SMS notification upon receipt of all forwarded messages. Treohelper is configured to launch Snappermail once the SMS comes in. Okay, worked great for a week. But then, all of the sudden, the system has broken down somewhere. My e-mails are still being forwarded by Fastmail to Sprint, but no SMS alerts go out. I thought maybe my Sprint inbox (which I only use for this system) might be full, so I cleaned that out. But the problem continues. Anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?

On a slightly related note, has anyone had problems with Lightwav playing Snappermail alerts when using the above configuration. I had a short (under three second) mp3 which I set up to be my SM alert via Lightwav, but it would never play. The mp3 would, however, play fine on its own through Lightwav itself.

Thanks in advance.