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    My phone had been acting a bit flaky, but this last week, it would reset/lockup/drop on an incoming call 90% of the time. I hard-reset yesterday, and it still did it. Though it didn't lock anymore, I did notice, it dropped to no service. (hence the hardware bug-- my ESN is dead in the middle of the range) I called sprint who pretty much verified I had a bad unit, and said to take it into the nearest store, and gave me their number.

    I tried calling for 3 hours to see if a tech was going to be available, but nobody answered. I showed up at the store, and of course the "tech was going home for the day" ..even though the store was going to be open for 3 more hours... They wanted me to come back Friday (WTF?) and if they found it was broken, THEN they would "order me a new one" Of course, on the phone, Sprint led me to believe that they would replace it on the spot.

    I told them that if I wasn't taken care of tonight (last night) I would leave Sprint. (what's a $150 cancellation fee when you pay $120 a month anyway-- and verizon's getting the treo.) There's no way in hell that I'm coming back 2 x for an obviously broken phone. They agreed to order one for me-- and they ordered a refurb.

    1) Should I be concerned about quality of this phone? The last thing I want to do is have to deal with repair AGAIN.

    2) Will this put me in a position of always having to get refurbs, if there is another problem?

    Anybody know?

    Anybody know why the update seems to have accelerated the issue?

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    I got a refurb a month or so ago - looks just like a brand new one. No problems at all.
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    I'm also very happy with my refurb.
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    I was exactly in the same situation. Had my concerns about refurbs, and it was also a matter of principle: "I paid for a NEW phone, it had problems, why are they sending me a refurb?"

    After 2 replacements, I finally received a PERFECTLY FINE unit (refurb). And as u can see in this forum, a "perfectly fine" unit is not easy to get.

    Well, in the Treo600 case, I believe that refurbs are MUCH better than brand new units. As I have learned from a PalmOne rep, they have been changing the speakers in all refurbs, and shielding the wire that was causing the buzz problem. Chances are that a refurb has gone through better Quality Control than new units.
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    I agree with gekz. First of all, you don't have a choice of recieving a new phone. Second, the replacments we've had have been better quality and newer sw. And yes, that was meant to be plural "replacments"!
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    I was irritated that TMobile was sending me a refurb, at first. But it works great, and there's no way to tell that it was different from the original "new" one. Just popped the sim card from the old one into the refurb and I've been a happy camper ever since.

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