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    After having the notorious buzzing sound problem, I had to send my Treo in for a replacement from PalmOne. I received a refurbished unit which has been working well after a couple of minor teething problems. All in all, I'm quite happy with the treo and PalmOne support.

    Having said that, there was one thing on the replacement that I noticed (with a slight dismay) was different from the old Handspring treo. There seems to be an additional sheet of clear protective plastic on top of the touch screen. There is a slight gap between the sheet and the touch screen, which makes it tougher to register taps on the touch screen.

    I believe that that my old treo did not have this, but could not be sure. Did anyone else notice this? Or am I completely off? If this is really the case, I am wondering if I can remove this piece of clear plastic.

    Any advice will be very much appreciated.

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    It sounds like this is the protective cover used to protect the unit during shipping. I left my on until I could get one of the clear screen protectors. See the Treo Central store for these.

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    i believe i got that clear sheet on my treo when i received the unit 2 months ago. i had it on until i got some other clear screen protectors. i just purchased and received the boxwave screen protector. it is better than the other one i got. pretty expensive for the small screen protector. i have similar kind of screen protector on my sony ericsson t616. it was not cheap neither.
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    yes, this is a screen protectr only for shipping, it's not meant as a screen protector for everyday use. you should peel it off as soon as you get it and replace it with a BoxWave!!
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    Sorry guys. I wasn't talking about the temporary sheet, which as many pointed out has been peeled off right after I got the unit.

    What I'm talking about is a sheet whose four edges are hidden inside the screen frame, i.e. cannot be peeled.

    It is not very easy to see, but can be felt when you touch the screen. there is a slight travel after the stylus tough the surface and before the screen register the tough. I remember that my previous Treo did not have this.

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    It could be a G2 type screen protector (that is not glued to the screen) that the earlier user forgot to take out.
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