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    I am new to the MP3 game. A friend of mine beamed me the trial version of ptunes, but now what? Where do I get the music? What file do I put it in on my PC? Does it download to my treo when I hotsync? Do I have to by a memory card? I need simple step by step instructions. I tried a couple of nights ago and got tired and frustrated....I figured it couldn't be that hard!

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    MP3s come mainly from two sources; downloaded from the internet (legal and illegal sources) or from CDs you have at home. The music on CDs is saved in .WAV format to be able to play them on the demo ptunes you need to convert the songs to MP3 format using an MP3 ripper such as the excellent free program CDex.

    Guide to CDex

    Once you have MP3s on your PC you can install them on to the SD memory card in your Treo by hot sync (very slow) or put the memory card into a card reader ($10) and transfer the files to your card (fast). If using a card reader make sure you make a directory called audio and put the MP3s in this directory.

    When you create MP3 files you have to remember the higher quality the MP3 is (counted in kb per second) the more memory space a song will take. Most people seem to code MP3s between 128 and 196kbps and use at least a 256Mb SD card in their Treo, this will be enough space for several CDs worth of music.

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