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    Alright guys, am I just stupid or did my life just get more complicated with wireless PDA email?

    I get email on my PDA, reply, delete and etc. Then I go to my desktop and have to redo what I just did on my PDA.

    I've tried IntelliSync, but the mail.prc program provided by IntelliSync for Treo 600 is a lame sync-only program. IntelliSync will not sync with the mail.prc program provided by Palm (ver 1.02a).

    So how do you synchronize all the mail changes made on both the PDA and on the Desktop???

    If I had Exchange or Lotus Notes I could sync with the server...but I don't have that luxury. What's the best software out there to solve this problem?

    Give me some hope.
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    inbox to go wireless might help. goto and check it out.
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    You might want to try out Eudora for PalmOS at:

    I sync it with Mozilla Thunderbird, and collect E-mail wirelessly, and have no problems keeping the PC in sync. I have also in the past synced Outlook with Eaudora with no problems. It has not been updated in some time, but the price is right. Until the newer PalmOS E-mail software offers both wireless and sync capabilities, Eudora is my choice.

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    In my case, IMAP comes to the rescue.

    Unlike POP3 based readers, which have to download the messages to every device you configure - which are unaware of each other - IMAP capable email readers use a "synchronization" model where IMAP clients synchronize with selected folders on the host.

    IMAP based mail readers are also more intelligent about fetching the headers first and the content as necessary - per client configuration. This makes it feasible to use a large inbox with lots of traffic without much data actually being transmitted - because you can select to load only the messages you want.

    Many email systems which support POP are also capable of supporting IMAP. I use a Linux based host, so setting up SSL tunneled secure IMAP was not a problem.

    On the Treo side, I am using Snappermail Enterprise edition, which supports IMAP.

    Life is good on the email front.


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