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    Hi ~ anyone having problems with the Treo 600 reseting by itself and upon rebooting ALL installed/saved information is lost? This is the 3rd time this has happen to me!
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    This is happening to me 1 - 2 times/day on my second 600 replacement.
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    Happened to my replacement a few days ago....soft reset, then a hard reset all on its own. dialed #*377 (GSM) and it said it was to due something in Agendus. Never happened before. Its been okay since but that's worrisome.
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    Mine resets for no reason when its in my pocket and I don't khnow the phone is off after the reset. There seems to be a pattern late in the day that it will reset more often. My phone reception is also awful at timesand is worse than any other phone I have ever had. I'm going to try the hard reset, but then its hassle time with whoever sends out the replacements. I'm tired of it for the cost of the unit in particular.
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    I had a soft reset happen yesterday for the first time. I also did a #*377 and it said the error occured while running Agendus Pro. I think what may have happened is that I got a meeting rerminder but did not respond to the reminder. I'll try to watch for this again.

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    I've been having soft resets lately, but the wireless mode comes back on afterward. It shows signal in the corner, but says no service in the other for just a second. Then everything is fine. Still last night it did it during a phone call. I think something I've fed it is disagreeing with its stomach!
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