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    I received my replacement phone today.

    Now, the matter of trying to move my programs and data. I never installed BackupBuddy, and I don't think I can see on the old Treo screen how to use it now.

    Is my best bet just to use HotSync and hope it preserved most of my data?

    I literally can't see any of the screen on my old Treo except occasionally the word Sprint at the top left corner.

    I do have an SD card, but not sure how to backup to that without screen visibility either.
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    Just hotsync.... It all comes back.
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    you could also download a program that lets you display to the pc via the hotsync cable. Just load it to the palm, hit the home key, hit the first letter and pray you get it in one.
    In any case, a HOtsync will NOT take everything with it. It will take most but not all settings, and very few 3rd party apps, especialy those that are not "commercial"
    YOur best bet is to get backup buddy (the full desktop version demo) since it does not require anything on the treo and use it. It does do a full backup.

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