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    The first voice recorder that let you record with any headset or ear bud for the Treo600/650!!

    Now you can begin recording with a simple press of the switch on your earbud/headphone! Record voice memo directly from any headset or ear bud. (not compatible with Treo650 bluetooth) No longer do you need to open up your voice recorder and get to the record screen: just touch your earbud and start speaking. In addition, 5-way support has been enhanced, and you can now start recording by using either they keyboard, or the 5-way navigation button.

    voice memo playback works with any headset and ear bud too!

    check here
    Want mp3/wav ringtones , Audio and Video recording for your Treo600/650? visit
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    Check this tread for a free recoder program. It's basic, but it does write direct to the card.
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    I just bought the Audacity program and it works great on my new Treo 650. Records directly to the SD card, has great audio quality, can activate almost any function from the navigation pad, and has an audio alarm feature. A good buy. Using a compression setting the files are very small and I hardly use up any memory.
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    I have Audactiy PERSONAL and currently with the new version compatible for the 650, there is a conflict in the hotsync conduit with docs 2 go.

    This program syncs wav files to your desktop which is rgeat... However, for osme reason the conduit makes docs 2 go crash hotsync.

    The problem is something having to do with audacity since it is fine when this conduit is removied.

    The regular version that doe snot have desktop sync should be fine.. it works fine on my treo also. I had it with the 600
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    If I run APR from the SD card it resets my 650. Run from RAM it works fine.
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    soundrec limitation

    I am limited to one minute recording time when recording phone calls.
    this only happens when recording phone calls.

    I am using the Treo 650 and recording to an 512meg Imation i-express sd
    card (write up to 9Mbyte/sec)

    please note that it also happens when i record to internal memory.

    I have tried to find the answer online but have been unable.

    Does anyone know what the problem is?
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    I use 2 different voice recorders:

    mVoice. I like this app for 3 reasons. It works well in storing onto the SD card. Has choice for recording quality levels. More important, can continue recording even if I turn OFF the screen to save battery life. This program costs money, but is worth it.

    Voice Memo (PalmOne). The most attractive feature of this program is that it's free. However, it does not have quite the features of mVoice. One benefit is that it can record to the SD card. But, the worst part of this program is that if you turn OFF the screen, this in turn immediately pauses the recording. This sucks! On the plus side, did I mention this program is free? Oh yeah, I did.
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    Just today, I upgraded to mVoice version 3.5.1. This latest version is able to continue recording, even while using a different application...excellent! Before, it could continue to record even if you press the red phone button to turn off the screen. But now it will continue recording even while in a different program...much better. Other improvements are a higher quality setting, and static removal feature.

    Only downside is that I had to pay an extra $9.99 for the upgrade. I previously had the 2.x version.

    By the way, the reason I upgraded is because my old version suddenly stopped working. Instead it kept giving me soft resets every time I clicked on the app...very strange.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkpalm
    i tried m voice and i like the features but i have the same problem crashes my treo every time i try to send.Cannot see spending 25 dollars when sound rec does the same thing for free. Rather make a donation to Ryan and let him develop a send feature
    I have had the same problem with mVoice. The crash occurs during the send because for some reason it moves the file to the email program, i.e. Snapper mail, and then that fills the internal memory. I went on the web site and have not found any fixes. As I need a program that handles dictations of 3+ minutes that I can email, I will have to look for something else.
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    I've been using mVoice 3.5.1 (and Chatter) for a couple of weeks now with no problems as you have described...
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    Quote Originally Posted by eKeith
    I've been using mVoice 3.5.1 (and Chatter) for a couple of weeks now with no problems as you have described...
    I am told my crashes occur because of large dictation combined w/ low memory available at the time. I learned the hard way.

    I am not sure if Chatter does this but I think Snapper imports a file to the internal memory before sending it as an attachment. If I am wrong or can do it another way please let me know.
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    Audio files are very large and emailing them over the cellular network is painfully slow. The best application I have found for this is the Audacity Professional version. Audacity has very good file compression and the files are very small. They also have a nice service called AudioMail which makes the sending very painless. The sending is still slow, but not ridiculously slow as with a noncompressed file.
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    I tested Mvoive before and try to check this prg again. Doesn't work because time to try is over. Is there anybody who can post me registration number and palmname?
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    that would be stealing
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    Where can I get the free Palmone Voice Memo app?
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