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    About two days ago I started having an issue with my Tmobile 600 losing audio from the caller on the other end. At random times, I suddenly can hear nothing. No white noise, no nothing. It is like I've lost the call in that it is completely dead, but when I look at the phone it is connected, and there is good signal.....and the person on the other end can hear me perfectly fine!! If I wait long enough, I normally get audio back.

    I've had the phone for about six months and this is the first time it has happpened, but it happens on almost every call - at least every outbound call - not sure 100% about inbound.

    I have a Hardware B.
    Firmware 2.05
    Software Treo600-1.08-INT

    Has anyone seen this?
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    My phone has completely lost sound for all calls incoming and outgoing. Fortunately, I already have a warranty replacement on its way from P1 due to a buzzing problem. As a result, I have been using my backup SE 616 and not looking for a fix.
    I realize this is not much help. Any one else? If not, warranty replacement.
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    That happens to me as well ... u just need to hangup and redial
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    some problems are fixed with the updated firmware
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    does speakerphone still work? losing the earpiece speaker is a common issue that should lead to a hasty return to the store...
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    I've had my treo for 3 days and have had that happen a few times, wasn't sure what it was. Will the sprint store I bought it from exchange it for another treo, or am I going to have to send it off for repair and go without a phone for months.
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    I had the same problem too and just sent my Treo back to Palm ~ Headset worked fine & speakphone works also but just the phone earpiece was rubbish.
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    Just got a refurb model from Sprint, after my last one developed a yellow spot on the screen.

    This one has the exact problem you mention. Came that way. Sometimes I'll get a call just fine, but less and less. Switching to speakerphone solves it, as does headset, but that's no long-term solution.

    Sprint is exchanging this one as well, no questions asked.

    The only problem: I dropped some coin on a new set of e-grips and an expensive screen protector for my "new" phone, which are now both shot. Brilliant.
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    Hmm, so if I take in my 3 day old phone to the sprint store they will give me a refurb model ? *sigh*
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    If you bought your phone at a Sprint store, then youž
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    If the phone is less than 14 days old, return it and buy a new one, or demand a new one by threatening to do just that.

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