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    With both Kinoma and the Phoenix game (I forget the exact name) the application seemed to only write to half of the screen of my Treo 600. With Kinoma the picture quality seemed good but I could only see half of it. With the Phoenix game the picture was corrupted. However MovieRec works fine. The built-in camera works OK and with Pickem I get a split screen sometimes but so does everybody else.

    Anybody else have this problem or know what can be done about it?
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    i would say most likely that your videos are too large to show on 160x160... Kinoma doesn't dynamically resize the videos you're playing to fit the screen. So a 160x112 would seem very small on a 320x320 hi-res screen while you only see part of a 320x228 video on a 160x160 screen. Therefore, when you encode in Kinoma, resize it to 160x112 from there.

    Phoneix may also not support 160x160.

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