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    I have a Sprint T600 and the sticker is peeling up on one corner. Its annoying... Can I just take it all the way off. That ESN info is stored in the phone for later use anyway, right?
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    Ha! You think it's like the label on your mattress? "Do not remove under penalty of law!" My sticker frayed shortly after I got the phone, when they first came out. I thought that the ESN was just covered with a clear film so I yanked it off - I was surprised when the entire thing came off. Be forwarned that the glue under the sticker is nasty and takes awhile to get completely off the phone. But don't worry about it, all the ESN info is in the phone app (Menu, Options, Phone Info).

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    Need to keep it on if the phone breaks there is no way to proove that that phone is yours unless you have that sticker on.
    Mine is about 1/2 off but i stick it back on every couple day's
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    The sticker peeling off is not a problem, Sprint knows about it and also knows that you can get the ESN from the phone itself. You won't run into any problems without it.
    If you do, ask the tech to look up the problem, and Im sure its documented since it is so common.
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    But isn't the Serial number also on this sticker? I can barely read the Serial number on my sticker. I need to locate my box it came in as I'm hoping the serial number is there. I did not notice the serial number under the Phone Info dialog.
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    I made a photo-copy of the serial numbers while the sticker was still readable.
    I suggest everyone else do the same.
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    Mine just got to the point where it was a real pain, so .... I removed it and stuck it to the clear plastic wrap that came in the original box. That way, if I ever need to send it in, the label is in the box!
    Probably fine without it, but why take the chance?
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    When mine started peeling, I just took it off, put it in a small zip lock bag, and put the bag in the treo box that is stored safely in my closet.
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    I peeled off the sticker a while ago, and one thing I noticed is that when I try to upgrade the Palm Desktop, those bastards at PalmOne are requesting the serial number (which is on the sticker) before they download the "free" desktop upgrade. I got around it by going back to a previous email link I had received from them, but still it just pisses me off that they do this. I recommend for anyone who contemplates peeling the sticker to save it as has been mentioned above.
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    There was a post on this forum a while back about a guy that had the network search problem. He took his phone in to a sprint store and the tech refused to replace his phone due to the fact he no longer had the esn/serial label attached. I believe the guy had to go to another store somewhat far away in order to get it replaced. The tech there just got the info from inside the phone.

    So the moral of the story is if you remove the sticker you definitely want to store it in a safe place. You may need to reattach it for replacement.

    I am on my third Treo and since I received the second one I have started putting a strip of scotch tape right over the sticker. It's the first thing I do. You can't hardly tell it's even there and it keeps the label from peeling at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xukanik
    Need to keep it on if the phone breaks there is no way to proove that that phone is yours unless you have that sticker on.
    Mine is about 1/2 off but i stick it back on every couple day's
    You don't need to keep the sticker on, that's ridiculous. If the phone breaks and it's under warranty it'll be replaced. If it's destroyed and you've got insurance you mail them the pile of pieces and they send you a new one. If there's no physical damage all the ESN and SN numbers are in memory. If the number was 'critical' then it would have been put on with something better then that lousy piece of tape.

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    Sprint can find your Serial number in their computer.
    Also there is a Phoneinfo app that I think I got from the sample programs in the developers section of the Palmone sight, that tells you what the serial number is as well so it is all stored right in the Treo.
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    Sprint replaced my phone with out question sans sticker. What I did and I recommend to all is to copy all information from the sticker and create a memo in memo pad for it. That's what I did and tossed the sticker. When the sprint rep turned the phone over for the ESN she made a face and asked where the sticker was. I told her it fell off and showed her where I copied the information into memo pad.

    Don't forget who your dealing with at the sprint store. Some of these people have no idea what Customer Service means.

    Sprint can not hold you responsible for Handspring not gluing the sticker down, or for not having a removable battery to hide it under.
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    Don't worry if your sticker is gone. If you go to your phone/keypad screen, tap your 'menu' key, tap 'options', scroll down to 'phone info', your serial # as well as all other info is there.

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