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    I just dropped my 2-month old Treo and now have the cracked screen blues (and yellows and a few other colours). So, I called Rogers customer support, who told me to call the Rogers store I bought it from, who told me to call Roger data support and, after navigating 15 layers of voice menu, I reached a PalmOne support person who quoted me USD$179 to replace the screen.

    Please don't mock my lack of insurance - I've learned that lesson the hard way. But, has anyone else been through this scenario and is the price I was given consistent with your experience(s).

    Thanks, Windy
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    2nd attempt - what have others paid for screen replacement? Tx in advance.
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    I am not sure. $179 seems a bit pricey. I would recommend adding insurance now while you still can in the event something worse happens to it. Better safe than sorry!
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    Not sure if insurance would cover a broken screen due to it being may want to read the fine print before you buy

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    How do i get insurance? doenst tmobile have any ?
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    yea i get my insurance from orange UK but think t-mobile offer it as well for about $5 a month
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    hmm maybe i shoudl get it? Anyone in here have insurance from tmobile
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