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    I just got a 512 SD card to use for MP3 with Pocket Tunes. The card appears to be fine because my Treo 600 created the appropriate directories when I inserted it and I'm able to use the Palm/Handspring installer program to move MP3 files to the Treo/card.

    HOWEVER, I would like to use both Windows Explorer and the Windows Media Player to copy MP3 files. When I insert the card in my external card reader I get an error message that says the card is write protected (I can see the files on the card in Windows). The tab on the card IS NOT in the locked mode. Any ideas?

    Also, in Windows Media Player (I have version 9.0) I do not have an option for to copy files to a Palm device. I did install Pocket Tunes saying I wanted Windows Media Player support. Any idea how to install the appropriate drivers for the Palm?

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    Open pocket tunes while you are connected and running WMP, and then you will have the copy to palm option.
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    yes, that was it. Thanks!

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