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    I got a new Treo 600. This is the second one I have bought. The first one I gave back to cingular and demanded a new one because that phone buzzed. (i had 6 replacements and Palm NEVER could send a non buzzing phone)

    Any suggestions on why this phone seems to drop calls VERY frequently, even with FULL bars.

    I have had it drop clls 3-4 times in one 10 minute conversation.

    WTF, buzzing now dropping, is Treo 600 just a POS?
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    Is no one having this problem?
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    Some T600s have problems with their radios where they drop calls frequently and go into a "network search" mode quite a bit, especially when the battery is less than 100% topped off.

    Best bet is to take your unit to a Sprint/TMo/whatever store so they can check the unit out with their HP(?) testing device. I've read about it a TON on these boards, so the test and replacment process is well established.
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    Does anyone experience "No Service" when there are 4 bar of stregnth with Sprint?

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