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    Purchased my 600 in December from Palm, had 2 replacements related to the buzzing problem, now have a new problem where it randomly performs hard resets while on battery power.

    Called service on 6/17, they said a replacement would ship on 6/23. I called today to check status, and they tell me that this as been escalated to Palm, they cannot ship me a unit, and someone from Palm should have called me about this.

    I left a voice mail for Palm's CEO last week, but didn't get a response. Does anyone have a magic bullet where I can talk to someone at Palm who can fix my problem.

    Frank O'Shaughnessy
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    FAX TRANSMISSION - never received a reaction

    xxx xxx xxx
    xxx Ave.
    xxx, CA xxx
    1 (xxx) xxxxx Fax
    email xxxxx

    Ed Colligan
    Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Wireless Business Unit
    palmOne, Inc. Corporate Headquarters
    400 N. McCarthy Blvd.
    Milpitas, CA 95035
    1 (408) 503-2750 Main Fax

    Dear Mr. Colligan,

    I need help with your product. I am sending this support request via fax to you as both phone and online support do not appear to be very helpful: Phone support proposed a battery reset to tackle a mechanical problem, online support froze at the first attempt, and did not react after the successful second and third attempt. (“You should expect a response from us within 12 hours. palmOne(TM)Inc. appreciates your business.”)

    So here is the problem description:
    Treo 600 (GSM), SN xxxx resets at the slightest mechanical impact and restarts with wireless mode off. This happens several times a day. It is a known problem at Palm. The product is not functional and I would very much appreciate a functioning replacement. The case number from the first phone contact is xxx. This number could be wrong though, as low-quality VoIP and heavy foreign accent rendered communication quite challenging.

    In 1997 back in <home country >, I bought my first Palm III used Palm products ever since. Back then, the Palm III cost about a quarter of my consultant’s net monthly salary. Today, being right in the target group of the high-priced Treo 600, I am a very busy person and hence, given the hassle I have with both your product and the Palm product support experience, I feel a little let down, especially given my 7 year commitment to Palm.

    It is usually not my style to bother senior executives with support questions, but this is my last hope to get adequate customer support with no further delay.

    Please help me in regaining trust in Palm as my preferred handheld supplier.

    With warmest regards


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