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    I can't backup
    error says 0x2908
    vendor says it's a palmOS thing or card problem
    I have reformatted the card and still can't backup
    any ideas
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    I had the same results with backupman.I thought I might have a bad card but it would format and filled it up with mp3's so I assume its the program. just bought a new card at palmone store in Philly airport it includes a backup program so we'll see if that works
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    same here, all other programs work fine, ptunes and mp3's
    I emailed bit's and bolts and they said it was the card or the palmOS
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    I also have this problem. I have been able to get a backup by just pluging away at it. After 15 or 20 tries, it will take. When I do this, I then do a backup from the file, because once, it looked like a good backup, but was corrupted. Bit and Bolts support also e-mailed me that it is a card problem, or the way Treo 600 reads the card. I reformatted the card several times, but it did not help. On my girlfriend's card the program is flawless.

    He is the message from support...

    Unfortunately that error is not generated by BackupMan, but by the Treo's
    SD Card driver. It indicates a failure in communication between the Treo
    600 and the SD card. There is nothing we can do to circumvent it.

    Usually, formatting the card using the CardInfo application will solve the
    problem, but if it does not there is no other solution.

    ...Still a lifesaver program for a friendly price...I saved me twice just last week..
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    sorry to hear about your probs..I use sandisk cards with backupman with no problems..this programme has saved my skin twice in the last week when trying to update the firmware.
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    Well I got that backup card from palmone store in Philly airport and it worked just fine. As a result I didn't reg backupman (trial version). The card ran about $35 alittle high for an sd card but it works . I've been using it daily no problems just keep mp3 on other card and switch them out as needed.
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    I had problems with my SD Card (a Sandisk), and tried returning it and swapping out with another one. It would work fine playing MP3s with pTunes, but when I tried to use a 4 in 1 card reader (by company called Interage) to upload new MP3s it would get errors. I would reformat with Treo 600 and then put more MP3s on only to have the same thing happen again. Eventually I realized it was the 4 in 1 card reader which was causing the errors. I bought a new SD only card reader (by Kingston, I think) and it works fine.

    Oh, yeah, I just registered BackupMan and it has had no problems with the card I have. It seems like a great program. It made doing a hard reset and restore a piece of cake. I sync my Treo 600 to two PCs, and I don't think Palm Desktop works well for restoring when you do that.

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    My sandisk 256mb card works fine with it. Never had any problems. I store backups as well as MP3's and also some files I move between my work and home PC (not stuff for treo).
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    No problems with my sandisk 256 card and backupman either. Restoring backups after a hard reset results in a perfect restore on my Treo - all settings are the same and nothing appears lost.
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    no problems here either ... I have a 256 Scan Disk card and Backupman works great for me.
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    No problems here either. Using Panasonic 256MB card with Backupman. Auto backup daily and keep the past 3 backups. Never had to restore a backup yet. *knock on wood*
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    Been a lifesaver on trips. No probs in over 8 months. Sandisk 256.

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