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    I have an Orange Treo 600 and have downloaded Pocket Tunes but the existing SD card will only accomodate three songs. What size card do I need to buy to make my phone a worthwhile MP3 player? Thanks in advance...
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    The more the merrier... Try 256 MB... But I guess 128 MB should do if you do not have too many applications...
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    Awww... C'mon... Big cards are getting pretty inexpensive pretty fast (check the "SD Card" forum for details). If you don't get a 512MB card now you'll regret it! Now whether you go for an "Ultra" 512 card for about $40-50 more than a "regular" 512 card (Ultra gives you more speed) is up to you - how cutting edge do you want to be?
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    3 songs? how small is that card?

    what ever you could afford. I have a couple of 512 and am waiting for the gigs to come down a couple of more dollars b4 I jump.
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