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    My Treo600 is almost dead, network problems. Took it to the Sprint store in my area and they will replace it with a new unit. I am running OS X and have a SD card. My Treo has snappermail, qset, FileZ etc. and many custom settings for items such as the buttons. OS X will resync my address book and todo etc. but how can I recover my purchased software as well as the other software I have installed and.... my preferences? Especially all the settings. Any way to do it? Hate to have to reconfigure from the start :-)

    Thanks in advance
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    I have successfully restored with backup buddy on several occasions.
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    Thanks but..... I cannot find a Mac OS X version of Backup Buddy

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    Will back up on to your SD card you can then restore. I have it automatically back up to my SD card once a week mostly because I don't sync w/ my PC religiously.
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    I use BackupMan to back up twice a day. That way I capture any data/software settings I make throughout the day. Is twice a day way too often for backups? Who cares: BAckupMan supports scheduled backups. So my backups are "set and forget"...I never have to conciously do anything to get a thoroughly complete backup twice a day.

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