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    thanks to the info on thise great forum , i found a cheap solution to get my Treo 270 working.

    i discovered that my battery is dead , the Treo 270 only works with the adapater attached.

    So i found this Nokia 6100 replacement, on the nokia the + and - are clear but which cords are the + and - on the Treo 270......
    maybe its a silly question but i'mn't a techy.....if i know this i can solder it th right way and see if it will work with the battery.

    there is a black and a red cable....

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    red is positive, black is negative. try to test it with a multimeter. If the voltage reading is negative, the probes must be switched. I want to experiment on batteries too, and I've chosen the nokia BL-5C 3.7V 850mAH battery. It has the exact specifications as the original treo 270 battery. What im thinking about is if I have to attach the original battery's regulator circuit (the circuit board on top of the batt) to the BL-5C. I dont know if the BL-5C has a regulator already or if I have to use the one from the treo. Can anyone help us on this?
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    Here's my comparison of the BL-5C and original treo battery
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    I think you should be able to swap the batteries without the need of additional circuitry! The treo should have all the neccessary electronics to monitor/charge the battery providing they are the same voltage, (similar) current range, and type (LiON, NMH, etc)

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