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    My phone will hang or reset when I try to make/receive calls. No software mods in the last few weeks, but about 1.5 weeks ago, my phone has been acting up and it's getting UNBEARABLE!!

    ANy advice??
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    search this forum for "network search". There are several long threads on this topic.
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    I'm having the same problem with a Treo 600. When I turn it on, and if it can't find t-mobile service, it resets itself. Strange!!
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    I've seen the re-setting phenomenon twice now. Today, while in rural central Ohio (where Sprint CDMA service is very spotty) and on a plane trip to Paris. The treo just keeps spinning in a reset loop. Doing a strange type of soft reset fixes the problem. I have not found the exact sequence, but have managed to stop it by doing a reset and pressing the screen on/off button.

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    Thats the same problem I am having, will check the other threads!
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