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    I dropped T-Mobile's $19.95 unlimited internet plan and went with the free WAP plan. It works great, but I missed streaming my favorite Shoutcast stations. Also, I couldn't get several Shoutcast stations I wanted to because T-Mobile's data speeds are too slow.

    I started using Reply Radio a few days ago as a Shoutcast replacement, and it works better than I had hoped. Replay Radio is a desktop program which converts streaming internet radio to MP3 or WAV files. It's like a VCR for internet radio. It has three MP3 settings: "CD Quality" (56 Mb/hr); "FM Radio Quality (28 Mb/hr); or "AM Radio Quality (7 Mb/hr). You can also burn the MP3 or WAV files directly onto a CD.

    The program downloads a long list of radio shows and about the same amount of internet radio stations. For example, I picked two shows: Phil Hendrie (on the internet from 8-11 p.m.) and Coast-To-Coast AM to record (11 pm to 3 am), and the urls/start-stop times are all preset. Alternatively, I can input my own show or station if it is not listed. The program automatically records on the days and times selected. I can also eliminate dead air times (like during some commercial breaks) and split tracks into smaller files while recording.

    After a show is recorded, I simply transfer the MP3 or WAV file onto my SD Card via my card reader, and play the music or talk radio via Ptunes. Ptunes has a skin which lets me skip ahead in 30-second increments to skip commercials. (thanks to the guy who made that skin)

    It's not a perfect replacement for Shoutcast. First issue: I have to record the program first and transfer the file before I can listen to it. Second issue: Reply Radio costs $30. Third Issue: If I am recording something, I can't listen to something different on the computer.

    However, the benefits seem to outweigh the cons: Like Tivo, I can listen to the program on the Treo when I want to, as opposed to when it is on. Also, my listening isn't limited by any data speeds - I can listen to any internet program I want since it goes to the desktop first. I'm experimenting with the 128k Radio Paradise streaming music channel, which sounds beautiful on the Treo. Finally, the $30 purchase price is substantial, but only represents 1.5 months of Tmo's unlimited internet service.

    So far, I'm very happy with the program and it has made the Treo more fun to use.
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    Great avatar dance - it's mesmerizing and freaky at the same time.

    I was working late last night listening to a Russian club station on Shoutcast on my Sprint T600 if anyone likes this kind of stuff. It is hard to beat the on-demand access to music and talk stations. I also like listening to NPR from the East Coast just to hear the different slant. The old time radio drama stations are great fun too - hokey old detective potboilers and ancient advertisments.

    By the same token, I also have hours of MP3 lectures downloaded from various websites that I like to listen to offline. Replay Radio is a great way to capture this kind of material especially if they only offer Real or Windows Media feeds.
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    wooohooooo! Now I just need my glow sticks!
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