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    Is there any case for the T600 where I can talk without removing the phone from the case? I hate to put my ear against the touchpad!

    I know right now the hard metal case offers that protection. Everything seems good about the case except, it seems a little awkward with its swinging door. Don't think that'll go well with the thumbpad typing.
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    The I-Volution.
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    Looks cool but this too has the same problem - my ear against the touchscreen! Though have to admit the case looks sexy!
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    Actually, I find that the I-Volution case keeps your ear and face far enough from the touchscreen as long as you don't press it right up tight. The case addes roughly a 1/4 inch farther for the ear piece and an 1/8 of an inch for the rest of the front.

    I'm quite happy with the case, I just wish they added a little more leather on the back side that kind of flips over to protect the SD card. Also a reset pin hole would have been good as the case fits tight. Not major things but something I would have added in the design.

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